Fun, flirty cosmetics that will knock your stockings off!

Hey, have you heard about Craft Cafe??? is the newest handmade site out there! Their prices are, well to be honest, unreal. A seller can keep much more of their profits on Craft Cafe and that allows sellers to be able to offer better discounts and deals to buyers. This site has only been open for a month and already they have better features than some of those “other” sites. They will just continue to improve with time. Seriously I HIGHLY recommended them for buyers and sellers alike. Go check them out!

Look at these perks!

For The Cafe Seller:
» Low monthly or yearly shop prices, pay as little as $2.50 per month
» No sale fees….Ever!
» Unlimited shop categories/sub categories
» More in depth handmade categories
» Full category section for supply sellers
» Multiple items per listing, no fee.
» Full BLOG/Video area in your shop
» Sellers earn Cafe Badges from Buyers after each transaction (no +/- ratings)
» Set coupons by products or the whole shop
» Shipping by weight/state/country or set by product
» Refer sellers & earn cafe credit ***COMING SOON***
» Affordable featured ads, starting at $4 ***COMING SOON***
» Large shop display banner 1040 x 200
» Variant groups to manage scents, colors, sizes for your products

For The Cafe Browser:
» Easier product browsing & options
» Buyer product request category
» Easy seller/buyer interaction
» Fast & friendly service

Monthly Options…
Handmade Cafe – $4.95 – Monthly
Supply Cafe – $9.95 – Monthly
Handmade/Supply Cafe – $12.95 – Monthly

Yearly Options..
Handmade Cafe – $29.95 – Yearly
Supply Cafe – $59.95 – Yearly
Handmade/Supply Cafe – $79.95 – Yearly

How great is that? Sign up for Handmade Yearly and it is only $2.50 cents a MONTH! No fees, no limit! WOW! You could pay that for one sale on other sites, but Craft Cafe is looking out for you!!!

**Craft Cafe Definitions**

Created, prepared or enhanced by an individual using their own labor and incorporating their unique talents, flair and design.

Handmade Supply (can be included in the handmade section):
Materials hand altered, manipulated or enhanced to be use in the creation, making or altering of handmade creations.

Materials used in the creation, production or enhancement of handmade items.

Items created or produced before 1982. Also includes items created, produced or enhanced currently, using items from these eras.


Go sign up today, what are you waiting for?? And check out our shop while you’re there,


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